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    Hello ECHO COE Learning Partners,

    Please use this discussion page to post any comments or questions you may have regarding topics discussed during Session 5 on Congestive Heart Failure. Recall that the purpose of this board is to share resources, ask questions and support each other within the ECHO community. Before posting your questions/comments, please review the rules:

    – Please practice non-judgement and respect for others. Only share evidence-based best practices in patient care.
    – Please do not share any identifiable patient information on the message board
    – Promotion of any for-profit entity such as a pharmaceutical organization or medical device company is strictly prohibited.
    – All recommendations made are strictly for education purposes or advice, and are not strict medical orders. The primary care provider takes sole responsibility in the care of the patient.

    * Posts which violate the rules will be removed.

    Lisa Sokoloff

    I asked a former colleague who now works in LTC elsewhere how they manage balancing the budgetary restrictions for food with the wish to provide healthy, lower sodium foods. He noted “LTCs have selective menus, generally one option is a lower sodium one. RDs should adjust the menu based on the individual needs. Having said that it is very challenging to manage a very low sodium diet in LTC setting, and usually we try to liberalize the diet if medical condition permits to enhance dining experience.” So it sounds like everyone is having similar challenges. Any thoughts/hints from the group?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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