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    Hello ECHO COE Learning Partners,

    Please use this discussion page to post any comments or questions you may have regarding topics discussed during Session 2 on Pressure Injuries. Recall that the purpose of this board is to share resources, ask questions and support each other within the ECHO community. Before posting your questions/comments, please review the rules:

    – Please practice non-judgement and respect for others. Only share evidence-based best practices in patient care.
    – Please do not share any identifiable patient information on the message board
    – Promotion of any for-profit entity such as a pharmaceutical organization or medical device company is strictly prohibited.
    – All recommendations made are strictly for education purposes or advice, and are not strict medical orders. The primary care provider takes sole responsibility in the care of the patient.

    * Posts which violate the rules will be removed.

    Paul Forsyth

    I am wondering whether anyone has any experience or research related to the use of VR. Specifically in the case example there were many barrier to the patient complying with treatment and I am wondering whether this technology might benefit?

    Lisa Sokoloff

    Hi Paul
    are you asking about Virtual Reality? I know it has been used very successfully with people who have pain, especially from burns to distract them during treatment. If this is what you are asking about we can get some references. If it’s not what you were asking I still think it might be a really interesting idea!

    Kimberly Schlegel

    Hi Lisa,

    Would you mind sharing the references on virtual reality? One of the homes in my area is currently doing a study on VR with people with dementia, and it is fascinating. I’d love to learn more. Thank you!

    Lisa Sokoloff

    we will post some articles on the resource page
    in the interim you may be interested in this link: https://www.rdmag.com/article/2017/08/virtual-snowworld-helps-burn-victims-cope-extreme-pain

    Also we can talk off-line if you’d like about a VR Dementia project we did at Baycrest to raise empathy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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