Hi Athina,

Please see some comments below gathered from our team:

Wow. That’s an interesting question. I’m not actually clear on this, but a boating license is not issued by MTO the same way that a license to drive a car is, correct? That is a pleasure craft operator’s licence and i doubt that MTO would be regulating them. They are issued differently (mostly by taking an online course?) and it is usually the coast guard or local peace officers who patrol the waterways and regulate motorcraft operation.
If someone is concerned about on the water safety, I’d be asking to see their pleasure boat operator’s license and proceed from there. No one is allowed on the waterways in Ontario without one.


I agree that it is not MTO that deals with other licenses such as boating or flying aircraft.

I think that it is important to ask patients about other forms transportation and that it is fair to say if you believe they are unsafe to drive a motor vehicle that they are likely also unsafe to drive a boat or fly a plane. I am not aware of reporting regulations for boats and planes, and, unfortunately, I am not clear who you would report concerns to.