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ABC Dementia Scale: A Quick Assessment Tool for Determining Alzheimer’s Disease Severity

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Mori T.a · Kikuchi T.b · Umeda-Kameyama Y.c · Wada-Isoe K.d · Kojima S.b · Kagimura T.b · Kudoh C.e · Uchikado H.f · Ueki A.g · Yamashita M.h · Watabe T.i · Nishimura C.j · Tsuno N.a · Ueda T.k ·Akishita M.c · Nakamura Y.a · on behalf of the ABC Dementia Scale Study Group


Background: In this study, we examined the construct validity, concurrent validity concerning other standard scales, intrarater reliability, and changes in scores at 12 weeks of the previously developed ABC Dementia Scale (ABC-DS), a novel assessment tool for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Methods: Data were obtained from 312 patients diagnosed with either AD or mild cognitive impairment. The scores on the ABC-DS and standard scales were compared. Results: The 13 items of the ABC-DS are grouped into three domains, and the domain-level scores were highly correlated with the corresponding conventional scales. Statistically significant changes in assessment scores after 12 weeks were observed for the total ABC-DS scores. Conclusion: Our results demonstrate the ABC-DS to have good validity and reliability, and its usefulness in busy clinical settings.

Resource: Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Extra 2018;8:85–97.